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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. b.a.r.t. and the california office of safety were hacker targets. this is what the anti-dui sites look like. there are photos showing cph uniforms an masks as well. there are also clowns and other graphics on the web site. in addition to replacing images here, anonymous is also taking credit for hacking into the web site section called "my b.a.r.t." and posting private
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rider information. now the hackers are posting a protest during the afternoon kmrut tomorrow. this is all in retaliation for b.a.r.t.'s decision to cut cell phone service to prevent a protest. kimberly it terry has more. >> reporter: it diane, b.a.r.t. is working around the clock to try to mitigate the attack by anonymous. homeland security is involved providing the agency with voice and also said to be monitoring the situation very closely. but already anonymous's first plan of attack has been somewhat successful. they were able to hack into breaching some data, gets customer names, phone numbers and information of some customers. >> we're doing everything we can to protect bart dofr. as far as, we're working on taking down that web site, notifying everyone who has their it information it compromised and suggesting to people who are worried about it to change their user names and
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avoid unsolicited e-mails or attachments in those e-mails. >> reporter: anonymous according to its press release is also planning to inundate b.a.r.t.'s e-mail and fax machines and also is organizing a protest at rush hour to be held at the civic center b.a.r.t. station tomorrow. all of these actions anonymous claims is in response to b.a.r.t.'s decision thursday to shut down cell phone service in order to prevent a planned protest over the july officer-involved shooting of charles hill, a homeless man. anonymous is calling b.a.r.t.'s decision dangerous a violation to human rights. b.a.r.t. officials maintain their decision was based on keeping both their patrons and employees and also protesters safe. b.a.r.t. officials have not said whether they plan to shut down cell phone service again tomorrow during the time this planned protest is going to be held. they say they are making the decision now. once they come to a decision they don't know whether they will make it public.
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live in oakland, nbc bay areas in. authorities found the bodies of a kidnapped girl and her father last night after a statewide amber alert. the green toyota was found in a remote area of eldorado county. our nbc station in sacramento has the latest. >> reporter: i am standing in remote eldorado county. this is where that car was found. and what is interesting about talking to people here is that they've never seen nor heard from this father. this is exclusive video of the green toyota it four-runner it at the center of a now-canceled amber alert as it it was towed away by sheriff's investigators overnight. inside the fbi confirms were the body of the 49-year-old father and his 2-year-old daughter. >> we're shocked. we were really sad. >> reporter: investigators say this father had ties to this area because he owned property here. but yet listen to what neighbors like bruce gren ick said about this father.
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>> reporter: is that a name or face you've seen around here? >> no. >> reporter: that's coming from somebody who lived for the past decade just down the road from where this suv is found. he's not alone. have you ever seen this guy, heard anything about him? >> oh, no. >> i've never seen the guy except for on channel 3 news. >> reporter: still, multiple neighbors say that the discovery of this suv in an area so remote comes as little surprise since, in their words, this would be a good place for someone to hide. >> but there's a lot of houses off the road, families have been here a long time and so they have relatives or guests that live pretty much off the radar. it's not hard to do up here. >> again, that was our nbc station in sacramento reporting. california's latest budget is built on a projected r eed r of $4 billion but that may not material iedz. california tax revenue plummeted in july missing expectations by more than $500 million and
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raising fears that so-called trigger cuts built into the budget will go into effect. nbc bay area's kris sanchez talked with political analyst larry gu larry gurston about the shaky budget. >> the whole budget was predicated upon some very shaky assumptions. one assumption, for example, was that they would get in about $4 billion more in revenue this year than we thought previously. well, instead it of getting in more, we're getting in less. >> gurston also adds that one of the major trigger cuts is $1.5 billion in k-12 education which could mean the reduction of seven school days in some districts, which would put california at 168 required school days a year, one of the lowest in the entire country. oakland is facing severe budget cuts as well, along with many other cities. tomorrow, many people will feel it when many city services shut down for the day. we are in oakland with the
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latest. >> reporter: well, starting tomorrow all public libraries like the one here behind me will be shut down once a movement the business closures and the unpaid time off by city employees is part of an agreement by employee labor unions to help balance oakland's $58 million deficit. with most of the budget consumed by police and fire, officials say they were forced on cutting back on administrative city services. the shutdowns are minimal in comparison to what was on the chopping block, they say. >> it it's definitely an inconvenience. but i can understand and it's better they shut down once in a while rather than close
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altogether. >> reporter: in addition to libraries, oakland animal service will be closed, the city's north, downtown, west and east senior centers will also shut down. city parks will be open to the public but no staff will be on site and bathrooms will be closed. there will also be no street sweeping but public works employees will respond to serious emergencies. hours will resume as normal on tuesday. for now, we're live in oakland, nbc bay areas in. >> thank you. coming up next at 6:00 -- the republican presidential field narrowed today. we'll show you who dropped out and who could still join in. plus, the fight over the creation of facebook continues. now mark zuckerberg's lawyers say they've found a smoking gun. a small gesture makes their day. >> that's paying it it forward through a starbucks card. how just about anyone can use r
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a treat, a complete stranger. d
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one republican has stepped out of the presidential race after yesterday's iowa straw poll. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty announced he's given up his campaign. but iowa has also propelled tea party candidate michele bachmann into the top tier along with tex it tex governor rick perry who wasn't even in the race two days ago. brian moore has the very latest. >> you've done it, iowa! thank you! >> reporter: after winning the iowa straw poll, iowa native and tea party favorite michele bachmann took a victory lap on the sunday talk shows. >> people in iowa sent a message loud and clear to president obama. they said, we are done with your policies. i have a message that reaches out to them because they, after all, want jobs, too, and they want the economy to turn around, too. >> reporter: the first unofficial test for republican candidates broke the hopes of
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form early he minnesota governor tim tim pawlenty. he dropped out after finishing a disappointing third. ron paul finished second and mitt romney who all but sat 0 out the poll finished seventh. but sixth place was a win for texas governor rick perry who wasn't even on the ballot and saturday was the very first day of his campaign. >> the sheriff's back in town. >> reporter: campaigning in new hampshire hampshire, he took aim on washington. >> i'm one of those citizens in this country who's really frustrated with a federal government that does not listen. >> reporter: sarah palin, not an official candidate, was at the lincoln presidential museum in illinois. she says iowa will not determine whether or not she runs. >> we still have many months to go and i think we'll see more people coming and going. >> reporter: the gop primary field, one candidate out, one in, and a lot more ground to cover. and another sign the campaign is heating up, president obama is heading to iowa on monday as part of a three-day, three-state bus tour. in washington, i'm brian moore, nbc bay area news.
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diane, back to you. and still to come at 6:00 -- the "office" star reign wilson was in the bay area addressing about 1500 people but not at a comedy club. you may be surprised what he was up to. plus, a social experiment with social media. it all started with one man who wanted to give a few strangers a free cup of coffee and it's grown into a something much larger. here is a look at our temperatures outside right now. more typical of what you'd expecto to see for this time during summer, 80s innd, 62 in t of a ncisco, and we're rmwa-up warm-up in your seven-day forecast. a look at that when we come right back.
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. attorneys for facebook founder mark zuckerberg say they can prove a man made p up his claim that he is part owner of facebook. paul seglia filed a lawsuit last year against the facebook founder claiming he signed a contract in 2003 with zuckerberg making him part oerp the social media giant. attorneys say there's proof he made up that contract. facebook now has 750 million users worldwide, and is worth about $50 billion. if you remember, the legal battle over the creation of facebook was the focus of the film "the social network." the twins in that case ended up agreeing to about a $65 million settlement. and speaking of online users, a mobile applications consultant from rhode island put his star bucks car online as an
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experiment that's gone viral we have the story of the social experiment with social media paying it forward. >> reporter: at the starbucks in wayland square, whether it's iced or hot, tall or ventde, you can never know how this could change lives. >> i said, everybody, give this a try. >> reporter: mobile consultant jonathan sure does. >> that small gesture, it just makes their day. >> reporter: his experiment? to see if he could share his starbucks coffee card with others went viral. >> anybody can use it it, anybody can power it it p up, reload it with cash, anybody can use it for a coffee. every time the balance changes, twitter sends out a new tweet. >> reporter: people weren't just downloading his card to get a free cup, thousands were donating as well. >> today the balance went so far $10,000 has gone through the card. >> reporter: already making national news, his facebook page went out of control. people writing, this is cool, or i donated $15, some submitting
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videos. >> how would i get that onto my phone so i can use it. >> right. >> reporter: so i, far from a techie, wanted to put it to the test and surprisingly i downloaded his card to my blackberry in a minute. off we went to put it to the test. >> reporter: you never know when it will recharge or who will do it. >> thanks, man. >> reporter: it worked. so what has he learned in the past few day snz. >> that people are ready to buy things with their phones. >> reporter: surprisingly, the lesson he learned about how one cup of coffee can change people's lives. >> a father thanked me for doing this so he could say to his son, look, there are good people in the world. i mean, that's super heavy. so i love that. so we also found tonight that another entrepreneur, so to speak, transferred $625 of jonathan's community card balance apparently onto his own starbucks card and is trying to sell it on ebay.
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that's just not nice. no, it was such a good story. now i'm wrecking it. rob, take it away with nice weather, will you? let's get to what was nice today. the weather nice if you're having coffee outdoors. temperatures, the typical summer spread of numbers, 60s around san francisco, 90 in livermore, 73 in heyward, 81 in san jose, mid to upper 80s los gatos. santa cruz, 75, the inland valleys saw the temperatures mainly in the 80s, closer to 90 around pleasanton and sunol, 84 in san ramon, 70s and 80s across the north bay. 78 now at san jose, 67 in oakland, a pleasant evening under way. a healthy sea breeze will eventually bring in the low clouds. air quality is great, green across the board again tomorrow. we've only had two spare the air days this summer, last year 10,
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the year before 14. this is the side benefit of having the persistent sea breeze. air quality is great. we had high clouds earlier today, part a weak system that passed by the bay area the right now we don't have much in the way of low clouds at this hour on the coast, but tonight we'll see the low clouds forming once again, like we saw this morning, punching locally inland across the bay, retreating back to the coast in the afternoon and the same story getting into tuesday and wednesday. the one change we're likely to see, though, is further compression of that marine layer, maybe down to 700 feet or so. if that happens, we could see mid-90s inland toward the middle part of the week. tonight we'll see lows dipping in the 50s, maybe upper 40s in some of the cooler spots of the north bay. then tomorrow we'll see high temperatures kind of like today, finally hitting the sum irmicroclimates around the bay area with near-90 degree temperatures in the warmest places like pleasanton, livermore, 60s for san
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francisco, 70s around oakland, mid to up per 80s in the valley, north bay, highs s 70s and 80s. warmest days of the week, tuesday and especially wednesday for the east bay. then we'll cool off as the sea breeze kicks back in heading toward next week. thank you very much, rob. still ahead, what drew the "office" star rainn wilson to the bay area today might just surprise you.
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rainn wilson is in the bay area this weekend. in case you didn't recognize the name, he's the actor who plays dwight on "the office." wilson doesn't just act. he's also a humanitarian. he focuses on transforming thought processes. he was a keynote speaker at the conference. he shared his experience as in
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the arts and entertainment industry and talked about his book called -- >> philosophy and spirituality, it it asks life's big questions, and it it's an online portal for people to get together and connect about what it is to be a human being. >> those are some big questions. his book is on the new york best seller list. the office returns september 22nd for its eighth season. that is some shameless promotion for nbc as well. for a look at what's coming up in sports, here's the shameless jim kozimokozimor. >> that's great. let's move forward. how about this? i know the niners lost the other day, their fans were all winners today. plus the niners going to have another quarterback in camp. we'll tell you who. plus, the giants need to keep pace in nwest, and they it
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the heavy lumber trying t i51
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123450.e-w7 123450. >> announcer: now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. good evening. i am jim kozimor. the giants began the day two games behind division leading arizona and coming off a win in florida. they were also trying to win their first series in over two weeks. giants and marlins, well, i'll tell you something, this is a day in which they try to get things going, cody ross going back home in a way. 2-1 marlins until ross ka toos one, a two-run home run, giants break the streak of 21 straight sto lo homers.
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top of the fourth, nate cher holtz restarts a solo home run barrage. 3-1 giants. top of the sixth, brandon belt, deep drive to left center, another solo shot. 4-1 giants. belt would homer again, giants win 5-1. >> the hardest part is keeping your concentration, make sure you get motivated every day. you've still got to play baseball. my goal was to get back up here as fast as possible. i didn't do as good a job as i wanted to staying motivated every day, having the intensity i needed. fortunately i got back up here and hopefully i can keep going. a's had lost seven straight to the rangers trying not to get swept at home, bottom of the sixth, a's trailing by a run when ha deck ki maut suey singles to left and scores cliff pennington, ties the game at 6. top of of the ninth, andrew bailey pitching for the a's, murphy a single to score craig gentry, got-ahead and winning
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run. john henry smith at the coliseum has more as the a's lose 7-6. >> reporter: here's the question -- can you have a moral victory after getting swept in your home ballpark? well, when consider that the a's were down 6-0 and rally back only to lose 7-6, the answer is -- maybe. >> in our dugout, the feeling was we were going to win that game no question once we tied it up. so kind ever the mojo turned for us a bit. >> it's just tougher when your team battles back and offense picks you up. to lose a game like that is just -- it's hard to lose. >> guys battled back. it it's a tough one to lose especially since we came back. we've got a game tomorrow so we've got to go out and win that one. >> reporter: so for the sedge time this season, the a's get swept but only the second time here at the oakland coliseum. for nbc bay area, i'm john henry smith. >> thank you.
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pga championship final round came down to a playoff between dufner anded bradley. dufner, a four-stroke lead with four holes to play, the 15th tee shot gets wet. he would bogey the hole and dufner blows his lead. we hd head to the three-hole aggregate playoff, bradley with the approach on 16, and he lands it within a few feet of the pin. birdies the hole, bradley wins the pga title. 49ers will have another quarterback in camp on monday, the niners will try out ten-year veteran dante culp pepper. he last played in toy 9 with the detroit lions. he spent last year with the sacramento mountain lions of the ufl. practice on sunday, a special occasion p for the fans. over 8,000 showed p up for the 49ers first-ever fanfest at candlestick. fans watched niners go through drill it's. comcast sportsnet was there.
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fans got to try to be sportscasters. it was fun for all. some of those fans were just a little too good. i'm all about job security. back to you. >> i don't blame you. thanks a lot. picture surviving a week in the nevada black rock desert in soaring temperatures and freak dust storms, all while maintaining a -- the weeklong festival is right around the corner. today those heading there geared up for the adventure, gathered in san francisco to see the latest in birding man fashion, if you will. check out some of the art projects that will be there as well. every year tens of thousands of people converge in the desert to create a city dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. burning man, by the way, sold out this year, kicks off august 29th in the nevada desert. if you were thinking about going, rob, too bad, sold out. >> and i had my plans and outfits ready to go.
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>> i actually think it would be really fun for a day and a half. then i'd want to get a shower and cool off. >> right about until the dust storm takes off. >> exactly. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. nbc's fall prime-time lineup is next. see you back here at 11:00. good night. >> ff now "another view point". >> most viewers agree with us, the law taking financial control away from local school districts is wrong. aroon states -- this last minute backroom deal restricted local flexibility and used imaginary revenue to balance the budget. cutting the school year by seven additional days should not be an aoption. lisa fumes -- i'm shocked how inflexible the administration and unions are while our children get less and less education. a school board president gary says -- i don't blame cta, the teachers union for ab 114.


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